Rafael Correa, one of the longest serving presidents in Ecuadorean history, was barred from returning to the job on Sunday when his compatriots voted emphatically to restrict their leaders to a maximum of two terms in office.

Mr Correa had been expected to seek re-election in 2021 after ruling the Andean nation for more than a decade until last year. But in a referendum called by his successor, one-time ally and now arch-rival Lenín Moreno, Ecuadorians voted to change the constitution so that no elected official can stand for more than two terms.

…….“Ecuador is an interesting case,” said Sebastián Hurtado, president of Quito-based political risk consultancy Profitas. “It seems the leaders [of the left] have understood that their project doesn’t necessarily depend on just one person.”

Of roughly 10.6m Ecuadorians who voted on Sunday, 64 per cent approved the two-term limit.





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